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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Wanna Go Fast

Lot's of transitions right now...but hanging in one of my favorite coffee shops in Black Mountain, NC is pretty darn nice. Work these days has me coaching a college mountain bike team at Warren Wilson - which is pretty much one of the coolest jobs ever.
We spent the weekend at the first college race of the season at East Tennessee State University, and the team killed it. Gotta admit is was a little bit tough to stand on the sidelines and watch the whole time, but coaching is a lot of fun too. I did get the feeling though that I want to learn how to go fast again. All these 100 milers and ultra-endurance races have had me trading fast twitch speed for slow twitch endurance. I was thinking about the last time I did a proper Short Track/XC weekend, and it was two years ago in Vermont.

I was fast enough then to get the who shot and hold it. Not sure I could do that right now. But watching fast guys just totally punch it all weekend got me to thinking....maybe it's time for a few less long rides and a few more intervals. Some shorter races could be fun. XC's and 40 milers. That could be cool.
In the meantime I have a tent set up next to some of my favorite backcountry trails in the world, and there's is endless riding within 30 minutes, so I don't have any excuses to be bored! Until next time....


  1. sounds good matt. I heard you workin with cass being assistant coach. I am moving to Asheville on thursday. let's shred some gnar!

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