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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cross Season....

In my quest to race during a time of year in which mountain bike racing doesn't really exist I've succumbed...yup, I'm doing some cross races. First up was the 3 Peaks USA adventure cross a few weeks ago in Banner Elk. There were a few issues with that one. Fortunately my legs weren't one of them. I actually felt good, which was almost worth the entry fee in and off itself. Unfortunately good tend to be more helpful if you stay on course, which I and a number of others did not. Big thanks to the promoter though for doing his best to make things right.

Next up was Pisgah Cross. Yup, cross racing at a brewery. That one seemed like a really good idea. First though there was some Pisgah riding to do on Saturday. Laurel-Pilot to be exact, which, in terms of bang for your buck is about as good as a mountain bike ride gets. Not the ideal prep for a cross race, but oh well. On Sunday I figured I'd set a pretty serious tone and rolled up to the start line of the A race in jorts and some sweet shades, which apparently was a good call because the crowd was definitely cheering. Fun stuff. Unfortunately I'm not particularly good at sprinting out of corners and my asthma is not a big fan of dust, so top 20 was all I could muster. Oh well. Still fun. Two cross races and two top 20 but could have been better results. What are you going to do.

Apparently the answer to that question is: be less serious. In two weeks I scored appearances on CyclingDirt and Bikerumor. First for looking silly and crashing at the Pisgah stage race (while not racing mind you), and then for just looking silly at Pisgah Cross. Moral of the story - let's not go there. Anyway, check 'em out.



And lastly....a parting shot from Pisgah this weekend. Geesh, what a corner of the world.

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