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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snow and Smiles

Winter has been slow in coming to the Green Mountains this winter...so it goes. Last week there was a definite feel of desperation in the air, and the promise of a few inches was enough to convince a few of us to camp out up high in anticipation of some morning turns. So we stubbornly booted up grassy slopes to 4000 feet on Thursday night with our fingers crossed for snow.

We weren't disappointed. After coffee and bacon we headed out into 4 plus inches of new snow. Thin. Marginal. Fun! After several laps up high we cruised to the base.

A little farther south the skiing has been decidedly thin, but sweet nonetheless. Marquettes have been essential this year, but with them the days, high fives, and smiles have been adding up.

A quick sunset shot taken just before the last run of the day on Monday.

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