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Monday, July 2, 2012

First VT Six Pack Super D Report

     Well, the first Vermont Six Pack Super D ride is in the books - pretty fun I must say. Nina and I were a little less than organized, but in the end things went off without a hitch. Stopwatches were purchased last minute, and we managed to sneak in a lap on the "course" (and figure out the start/finish) just before folks showed up. Phew....good thing it wasn't really a race.
      We rolled out of the parking lot with a small crew - six to be exact. Oh well - we figured it would be fun anyway. By the top though we had 8, and word was that there were one or two people chasing to catch up. Then we recruited a few more folks at the top, and by the time we finished up we had 13. Awesome.       We timed the top section of Burning Spear all the way to the main intersections with Joe's. Waaaay more pedaly that we anticipated, but it still required some good tech skills to go fast - a good mix, though next week it'll be a bit more downhill for sure. Funny how when you try to really ride a trail fast it transforms. 
       All the lines change, your braking points are all mixed up, and you pedal so much more than you thought you would. It's a fun challenge and change of pace.
    Top time yesterday was 7:01 - quick for sure, and everybody made it down in less than 15 minutes I think.
     Post timed section we had a nice group ride up to the top of Joe's, and some fun, hollering inducing descending down Joe's Trail to the car, where six packs, the river, and some good hang out time awaited. Good stuff. Hope to see you next week in Waitsfield for ride #2.

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