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Monday, October 15, 2012

Awesome Fall Riding

There's been a bit of snow up high on the summits of the Greens these past couple of weeks, which a year or two ago might have tempted me off the bike and onto my skis. But I'm trying to keep the riding motivation up this fall. With Nationals coming to the east coast (finally) next summer, a shorter off season is better than a long one.
So I'm trying to keep the legs spinning as late as I can into the fall, mid-November at least.
This weekend the 1st Annual Onion River Apple Grinder helped the cause for sure - always good to get a good group ride in on some awesome dirt roads. Today was back to riding in the cold rain - so it goes.
At least I had a sweet new bike to ride though. The dirt road riding around our house is seemingly endless, so I sold the road bike and built up a cross bike. I know, it's the trendy thing to do, but this thing is fun. Road cranks, mountain wheels, tubeless cross tires, 140mm disc rotors, and a Sram double tap all bolted to a Specialzed Crux frame. It's light, stiff, and handles well. Pretty stoked on it for sure. Gotta hit up some Class 4 roads soon. See you out there.

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