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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PIsgah Training Camp 2013

A spring trip to Pisgah is becoming a bit of a tradition for us. And really, what's not to like. We get to leave the last of the New England winter and soak up some southern sunshine for a week while we ride awesome trails. Plus there are the great friends in Asheville, the glorious comfort food and BBQ, and the mountains.

The mountains are big, they're enchanting, and there are trails everywhere. Pisgah is the real deal folks.

The general vibe at this point in the descent was, "whoa, that was awesome....wait, we get to do that for another 40 minutes?!" Then Dan noticed he had a flat. 

A quick flat change and the shredding resumed. Then we ate a massive amount of food, and then went to bed. The next day we did it all over again, for a week straight.

Way too many smiles to count, seemingly endless hours of riding rad trails with great friends, and a lot of good food. Best training camp I've had in a while. Thanks Asheville! 

Spring finally seems to be coming around in VT too. Guess it's bike season, and I can't wait. Lot's of awesome bike stuff heading my way from my awesome sponsors, and racing starts soon. Stay tuned.

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