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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Frozen Onion 2014

Another year and another Frozen Onion to kick off the "race" season. I always love the course at Hubbard Park, it's fun, hard, and you can usually get away with a regular old mountain bike. Usually is works out okay results wise too, which is a nice bonus. So, Nina and I stretched the VT trip out a bit this winter to catch round one of the series (yup, 4, count 'em 4 races this year, all benefitting Moxie Sparks, cool!). The big changes this year were a slightly longer course and an additional lap - at least the temperature had broken into the 20's.

Things were a bit softer than I anticipated this year, and the standard just run wicked low pressure (15 psi or so) move only worked so well. I made everything in warm ups, but not so much in the race.

Mostly though I just couldn't breath. The asthma just wasn't having it Sunday after the first major climb. Not much to do then but dial it back and have fun. Sunday funday was pretty much the revised plan.

Nina crushed it though. I'm actually surprised she didn't cruise on by on the last lap. She was close. She took the win by a bunch, awesome.

A few days later and we're back in NC about to head out for a road ride in almost 60 degree weather. Craziness.

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  1. Hehe, little softer, eh?!. Nice write-up Matt. Good to see you guys, and thanks for staying a little bit longer.
    Now, you just go on and enjoy your 'summer'winter road rides... Have a good time and take care. See you soon. per