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Thursday, July 15, 2010

CTS International Classic

So, I was one for one in XC racing this year, having won the VT State Championships in late May. But something told me that a.) racing at altitude in CO Springs and b.) the really hard training week I did right before the race would conspire against me. Still though, I was optimistic.
That lasted about two minutes into the time trial on day one. I felt terrible, and struggled through the 4 miles to finish 2:30 back. Ouch. Nice way to spend a Friday night.
Fortunately, the CTS Classic followed a three day mini stage race format this year. So, after the time trial Friday night we still had two XC races to go on Saturday and Sunday. I ate a bunch of food, drank some gatorade, and hit the sleeping back to try and recover.
Saturday went a bit better. Turns out there were more New Englanders than Coloradians and this race, funny, but it meant the pace was such that I could ride my way into the race. 3rd on the day put me third overall. A little rain on the last lap was rad too because man it was hot out there. Pizza, pasta, and a third dinner I can't remember got me ready to sleep.
Sunday I felt tired. But hey, it turns out everyone else felt worse. I was finally learning how to rail the loose pebble over hardpack desert trail that had been making me feel like a sketch ball all weekend too. The I came through the first lap in a lead group of two, then got dropped, and just tried to ride steady. It was the middle of the day, wicked hot, and almost impossible to stay hydrated. 3 hours later and I was 2nd on the day and into 2nd overall. Holla, podium. Pizza and sooooo much water and gatorade later and I was feeling a bit better, ready to drive to Breckenridge. Thanks for checking in.

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