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Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Colorado Pictures

I'm in North Carolina now, having swapped altitude for heat on this road trip. And speaking of the road, that was a drive. 27 hours in two days. But hey, I am not the biggest fan of the open plains, so I was happy to bust it out and get to some good old east coast mountains. As I was going through some of the pictures from the trip though there seemed to be some good pictures to share. First of all, mountain goats are awesome. Man, I wish I could scramble around on rocks like those guys (and gals). I hiked a fourteener while in Breck (Quandry Peak), and got to see them for the first time ever. So cool. Turns out the peak is a really popular hike, but I went late enough in the day that there wasn't really anyone up there. I had the whole summit to myself and the mountain goats were pretty psyched to come up close and check me, and my funny camera out. Speaking of the summit, it had a pretty rad view of Summit
County, as they call it. Lots and lots of big mountains all around. And plenty of amazing camping spots down low. So this is where I should have been my whole week here, I was thinking to myself. Oh well, by that point the race was only a couple of days away and I was in full on prep mode.

Speaking of the race, the Breckenridge 100, I thought I was throw in a podium pick.
Nice work to all the guys who made it into the top 10. That was a wicked effort. I'm hoping that by the Wilderness 101 I'm going to have to recruit someone to take this podium shot for me! Thanks for tuning it. More to come soon.

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