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Saturday, March 19, 2011


The extended weather forecast doesn't look too great for outdoor training right now. It'll be warm, but with lots of mixed precipitation thrown in to keep things fun. It looks like they'll be some sun this weekend though, enough to justify some shorter jaunts on the road.

Wednesday/Thursday were my first "rides" of the year. Both done on my trusty steel Surly with big, big tires. Just the thing to make me feel fast right off the bat, or not.

My first ride went something like this:

Mile 1: Hmmmmm. I've been standing up for a long time and I'm not even going up hill. Not so efficient. Oh well. This is pretty fun though and not as cold as I thought.

Mile 2: Still not frozen. That's cool.

Mile 3: Feeling like Ricky Bobby and wanting to go fast. Too bad that requires my legs being in shape. In short, not gonna happen. Highway overpass=ouch.

Mile 4: Yup, just going to go slow and smile. Hands getting cold.

Mile 5: Rhythm? Well, maybe, kinda, sorta.

Mile 6: Tired, steady rhythm is better than nothing at all right. How many miles is the Mohican 100? Oh right.

I've got 2.5 months. Time to get to work.

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