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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Training blah blah blah Gravel Grinder Report

So what's new? I'm training and right now writing about training feels, well, pretty blah. Especially since it's 40 degrees and raining outside the window right now. Really makes me feel like I want to get after it....right, can you feel the inspiration bleeding through the typeface right now.

One of those weeks when the riding was rad and then Monday came i.e. work came and the energy went somewhere other than pedals...then it started raining. A lot of times work inspires me to ride more, not so much this week. Tonight I cooked tempura mainly because I wanted to fry stuff. Yum.

But this past weekend, the Gravel Grinder, the reason I started writing this post. The shoots were springing up in the front yard and we cruised up to Waterbury for the ride...it's not actually a race. I tried to back that sentiment up this year with some cut offs and my 35 pound rigid Surly with 2.5 tires. Awesome, except then I tried to be competitive anyway, which meant I worked really hard to hang with the lead group until the last climb which really, really hurt and then rode solo in because, well, I'm not sure...dumb move there. At least there was a snow biking section at the end, that part was rad. All in all a fun day and I'm right about where I want to be.

Garden coming around and a rad sunset yesterday. It's been a good week to get outside.
More sun and corn harvesting in the forecast. Hope everyone gets some good last turns in these next few weeks.

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