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Saturday, April 23, 2011

3 Sandwich Day

Ahhh....let's give a big cheer for "wintery mix" conditions in late April. Means I get to read my new book and drink massive amounts of coffee today instead of "exercising." Shucks. Anyway, yesterday was about as far from today weather wise as possible - I think I almost got sunburned. Nope, no mountain bike photos yet. The mountains are still a snowy wonderland, which meant there was really only one option for yesterday...

Yup, that there is some bluebird sky. A big thanks to Native for keeping my eyes protected and stylin' all day.

Plenty of mid-angle, untracked chutes awaited, with conditions varying from powder, to corn, to ice within each turn it seemed. All in all, it looked good going up...

...and skied even better on the way back down. We fell into a nice rhythm of eat, take the jacket off, climb (kick left, kick right, poles upslope, kick left, check out the view, kick right), eat, jackets on, ski, repeat.

The day's last chute was a good one. Through a choke point up high and then wide open to the base a thousand feet below.

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