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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roller Coaster Summer

This summer has been a little all over the place. I was too sick to really train for what seemed like the longest time, and for a while there is seemed like the racing season was going to be a complete wash. Plus, I was thinking about skiing a lot, which made it difficult to get motivated. But, things are coming around. Not really in terms of race results, but at least I'm racing again, and in training the last few days I've finally started to feel good. Plus, I finally got by sweet Zaboo built up. Man is that thing a rocket ship...the faster you ride the better it feels. Hmmm....maybe that's telling me something.

I did the Horror at Harding Hill Race the other day in Sunapee, NH. Guess I hadn't raced a true XC in a while because the first thing I did was snag second wheel off the start. Of course I knew better than to think I could actually hold that, but whatever, I tried, and then faded back, back, back. But overall it was a good training day and it's nice to know I have the speed (if not the endurance) to ride near the front. This weekend I racing the two-person 6 hr. at Catamount, which should be more my style. We'll see.

In the meantime I've been on the road bike a lot trying to rack up some miles, and I've been sneaking in mountain bike rides with friends whenever I can. It doesn't take long for me to remember why this sport is so awesome.

There has been a lot of swimming in my life recently. Having a swim midway through a ride has almost become mandatory.

Stay tuned for a race report on the Ryan Hawks Memorial 6 Hr. Race coming soon.

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