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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vermont 50 Report

So, what does a secret recipe bacon-apple pie have to do with my last race of the season. Well, the Vermont 50 let me know loud and clear what I'd sort of known for weeks: my body is tired and ready for an off season rest. Actually, my legs weren't terrible. Especially given that we started at 6am in the dark and I only managed like 2/3 of a cup of watery coffee. Bummer. There were some fast guys at the 50 this year (like Team Jamis men Aaron Snyder and Jason Sager), so the start was wicked fast, but I jumped on the train to see what happened. Well, breathing not so good. Inhaler use 1. Then it didn't get too much better. Inhaler again. Then again. By mile 13 or so I was okay-ish, and I managed to make a move for the front end of the race until about mile 25 or 30. That's when my inhaler fell out of my jersey pocket while I tried to eat. Crap. 2 or 3 minutes I figured this out. A red inhaler in a trail full of red and yellow and orange foliage? Not gonna happen - I thought. Apparently everyone and there mom saw it on the trail, so it wasn't actually that hidden. Double bummer. So of course the breathing got terrible quickly, and so I limped the final 20 miles to the finish wheezing and granny gearing. Oh well. One of these years I'll actually race this race. Gorgeous scenery though, and lots of friends. So you've gotta love it. Plus, Vanessa rocked it and won the women's sport class. Rad. So, what did the race plus the colder weather put me in the mood for: some calories. Enter said pie. The recipe needs some refinement. But that's what winter is for right!

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